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Posted: 7 June 2024

Smart Green Technology as Standard at Carleton Bridge Mews

Find out just what Smart Green Technology is available with every home in Carleton Bridge Mews and the cost-saving advantages of upgrading during the build process.

You can watch our video from our Green Energy expert Jenny or read more below:

Green Energy Store is Dunlop Homes's green energy partner; they are MCS Accredited, which is awarded for the highest-quality equipment and installations.

This ensures that the standards of Dunlop Homes extend to the green technology they offer their customers.

Q: What do we mean by Green Technology?

A: Dunlop Homes offers a comprehensive package in their new homes, including Solar Panels, Battery Storage and an Electric Vehicle Car Charger.


Q: What is the cost?

A: Solar panels and the wiring for an Electric Vehicle Charger are standard in every home.

The Battery Energy Storage and an installed Electric Vehicle Charger are optional. If you install these at the time of the build, you're eligible for a 0% VAT rate, which is a 20% cost saving.

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